Rod Design Simplified

PetroBench introduces RodSim, the next generation in rod lift design software, bringing the design process to a cloud based environment, improving collaboration, response-time, and design quality.

Unleash The Power Of Well Design With RodSim

Web-Based Simulation Software

RodSim is designed to streamline well design by eliminating inefficient processes and introducing new tools for optimization. It uses cloud-based services like data imports and integration with 3rd-party data to facilitate seamless, collaborative design and analysis.

Cloud Based Services

RodSim is a cloud-based service that helps oil and gas companies streamline their workovers and optimization process. 

Simulation Engine

Optimize your well designs by running multiple simulations and compare the results simultaneously. 

Data Import

Improve data integrity and data entry processing time by enabling seamless drag and drop uploads from legacy design, management tools.

Streamline Your Well Design Process With RodSim

Respected the math, optimized  the experience

1. Upload Data

Import well data files directly to RodSim

2. Process Multiple Designs

Select multiple designs and run analysis

3. Compare Results

View and compare results side by side

Why Is RodSim The Best Well Design App For You?

Simply put, it is the premier well design app for optimizing operations in the oil and gas industry, offering advanced simulation and comparison capabilities for streamlined and efficient decision making.

RodSim Intelligent Rod Design

As a cloud-based service it helps engineering teams streamline their workflows and produce more accurate well designs. One of its key features is the ability to integrate with other software systems, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. 

In addition to its powerful features and ease of use, RodSim allows for the easy import and export of data, saving time and improving the accuracy of designs. As a result, it has quickly become a popular choice for engineering teams looking to optimize their processes.

Respected the Math.
Optimize The Experience.

The Petrobench platform uses established math and modern design tools to optimize and streamline the design process for the oil and gas industry. Our team is skilled in both traditional math and the latest design technologies. We also stay current on industry advancements to improve our processes and deliver reliable, innovative solutions. 

Specialized Graphs for Data Analysis

RodSim’s specialized interactive graphs and live visualizations enable users to analyze and optimize well design performance. These tools help users identify trends and patterns in their data, leading to informed decision making for improved well design. 

Optimizing Operations
with Advanced Simulations

RodSim provides advanced simulation tools to help energy producers make better decisions and achieve success.

These simulations can be used to model and analyze various aspects of a business, such as production, logistics, supply chain, and financial performance.

Experience the power of Well-Designed Collaboration

Efficient, Accurate & User Friendly

The “One-Platform” Experience

Petrobench is the premier well design platform of the future, delivering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and innovation to the oil and gas industry. It is the go-to solution for professionals looking to optimize their well design process and achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

The Petrobench platform is a fundamental shift for the industry, offering a wide range of advanced features and tools that help users to design and plan wells with the highest degree of precision and efficiency.